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  • What if I DON'T receive a minimum of 75 leads?
    If we decide to form a partnership, it's because we know with certainty that your market will produce enough leads to deliver our promise. If for some reason we generate you less than 75 exclusive leads, please keep the leads we generated, and we will gladly refund you for that month.
  • Can you guarantee closings?
    We do not guarantee closings. We will provide you with exclusive opportunities in your desired market/markets, it is your responsibility to close each opportunity we provide.
  • What are your clients' ROI on average?
    Our clients are seeing a 200-500% ROI (on average). Please keep in mind, these numbers are calculated within a 6-12 month period.
  • Who is Matt Young?
    Matt Young is the Shaquille O' Neal to any agent or broker who wants to play Kobe.
  • Can I become the ONLY agent advertising in my area?
    Unfortunately, we allow more than 1 agent per market (provided that we believe they're a good fit). This does NOT mean we share leads. Your leads will always be exclusive to you. If you would like to discuss exclusive ownership of a particular zip code, city or county, go to
  • Which campaigns produce the best results?
    Our paying customers wouldn't be happy if we gave away our secret sauce! To book a consultation with one of our team members, go to and schedule a one-on-one call.
  • What is the MAX amount of leads MYM can generate each month?
    We've generated over 2000+ leads per month in a single market (Chicago). With a large enough area + marketing spend, we can generate 3-5k leads per month. If you're a broker/team lead, head over to to discuss our enterprise packages.
  • Why do I need to qualify to use MYM?
    We only help agents whom we know can benefit from our services. If we don't believe 100% that we are able to: a) help you scale b) generate more transactions in your market We will let you know during our consultation call. Keep in mind, we turn down ready-to-go clients with credit card in hand due to not being a good fit ( Poor attitude, poor-follow-up, less than 5-10 deals closed in a year, etc) For more information on how to qualify, head over to
  • How long does onboard process take?
    Please allow 3-5 business days for you to be fully onboarded. Depending on your onboarding date, there are typically a few clients waiting in queue. Our onboarding process includes: Competitive Market Analysis Real Estate Campaign Building Phase 100% Optimized Funnel CRM Integration (Receive each lead in real time via text, email + CRM) Calendar Setup (if you don't already have one) Professional ISA Integrations (to call, text and email every lead for you)
  • What if I don't have a CRM?
    No worries. We will help advise you on the best CRM's to use based on your specific needs, or we can send the leads directly to an exclusive spreadsheet where you can track every opportunity we send.
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